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Lyft2go Singapore Carpool- How it works
Enter your trip details;
  • Start point
  • Destination & time you want to go.
  • Once the carpool request is mutually accepted, the ride confirmed.
  • Both of ‘you will get details of pick up location and time.
  • Lyft2go Singapore Carpool send you reminder just when it is time to leave your place
  • Lyft2go Singapore Carpool matches your carpool details your preferences to give you the list of users heading in the same way.
  • If no carpooling user found at that time, you wil be notified as soon as carpool is available
  • Meet your Lyft2go Singapore Carpool partner and car share ride together;
  • socializing on the go
  • Send request to any user in the list you wish to carpool with
  • You will receive a request from other Lyft2go Singapore Carpool user to join the carpool
  • which you can ACCEPT or REJECT.

What ?

Lyft2go Singapore Carpool is the best medium on the virtual space which takes care of your instant and unplanned Lift sharing/ carpooling needs by intelligently connecting Lift Giver (Driver/Car owner) and Lift Seeker (Passenger) travelling on the same direction/destination in Singapore.

Lyft2go Singapore Carpool is the easiest way to share the empty seats in your car any day, anywhere and anytime by car share.

Lyft2go Singapore Carpool is keen to make a difference in Singapore’s traffic congestion and in effect minimize the pollution.

Who ?

Lyft2go Singapore Carpool can be used by everyone; anyone Who willing to share his commute to;

A student searching for a carpool/ Carshare to school or university;

An office-goer who is looking for a better and flexible commute, Carpooling partners looking for company.

This helps you share your car travel with friends, colleagues or other like-minded people so as to provide with an affordable & convenient supplementary carpooling option to public transport.

Why ?

Lyft2go Singapore Carpool is a Safe, Convenient and Economical to form a new Community based carpooling transportation system for smart way of commuting.

It is a non-restrictive carpooling platform that allows Flexi-timings, Choice of travel mates, individual payments, separate Women-Only groups (if preferred).

It features Mobile alerts, Pre-verified users, No usage-compulsion and provides up to 100% Savings on Fuel Cost, ERP & Parking.
Lyft2go Mobile App
Lift-Givers (Carshare drivers) have the flexibility to offer a Lift and Lift-Seekers (carpool passengers) to seek a Lift at their convenience.
Trust Worthy
With many layers of security user verification, social network profile, verified mobile and email in Lyft2go Singapore Carpool profile and peer ratings, people can make the wise decision of whom to carpool with.
Want to carpool only with people of your gender? Want to wait no more than 15 minutes? We hear you! You can set your preferences and lyft2go customizes the Lift match for you.
Clear ride start details
Lyft2go Singapore Carpool accurately calculate and provide pick up location and time information so as to minimize anybody's time being wasted.
Seamless transaction
Go Cashless! It can't get easier than this. Recharge your account with Lyft2go Singapore Carpool credits. Lyft2go credits are transferred from one account to another instead of cash at the end of each carpool.
Easy identification
You can see your Lyft2go carpool partner's profile picture, vehicle photo, vehicle registration number and a few other details. With all these you can never go wrong in identifying your lyft2go carpool partner.
Faster Communication
You will be able to chat with each other after you have accepted the lift /car share and may also discuss if you have any special requirement.
Real time tracking
You can track your Carpool partner by seeing his/her position in real time on the map. So stop worrying about being misinformed, you are always on the edge.
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